PACE LABTM was established in the year 2001, with an objective of providing solutions to all hardware and software issues to the industrial and academic personnel. After a decade of appreciable service, its activities have been expanded to the sales, service and training of students, faculty members and researchers. It kept in pace with advances in the electrical, electronics and computerengineering. Keeping along with the nation-wide entrepreneurial initiatives, PACE LABTM provides Makerspace, FAB LAB facilities and technical incubation infrastructure. Customized product manufacturing for industrial and academic institutions, assistance to academic projects of the graduate students, internship and training attract large number beneficiaries. When unemployability of the engineering graduates became an important concern, PACE LABTM strode ahead with career-based and job oriented training. This pioneer institute now contribute largely for skilling the engineering graduates.

  Research & Development

Full-fledged laboratory facility supported by qualified personnel is being utilized by the industry personnel, faculty members and UG, PG and PhD students of academic institutions. Electroincs laboratory with sufficient equipment including measuring instruments, electronics devices and components provides access to all. Demand for customized products from Industry and academic institutions is attended by our R & D wing and develop products in PACE LABTM with the recent advancements in the technology.

  Internship Programme

Long term and short term internship programmes for college-going and degree students are co-ordinated in collaboration with internationally reputed institutions. Interns get an opportunity to get trained in new areas of related field and exposure to industrial environment. Large number of areas including Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IOT (IIoT), Embedded systems, PCB Design, VLSI, Signal processing, Image processing, Robotics, Power electronics, Electrical Drives, LiFi, AI, Machine Learning, Arduino and PLC. The frequented tools include MATLAB, Eagle PCB, Xilinx ISE, MPLAB, microC, KEIL, AVR, LaTex etc. Many reputed institutes including Siemens, Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Texas Instruments’ University Programme (UniTI), Siemens, VI Microsystems etc. Authentic certificates by the official signatories are credential for accquiring jobs. Experts from collaborating institutions provide training in new products. Interns are helped to get comfortable residential accommodation.

  Training Programmes and Short Term Courses

Training programmes for students and faculty members are being coordinated regularly. Both short term and long term courses are provided. The training programmes are done in the PACE LABTM or in any technical institution as per the demand. Our technical experts will bring the equipment and devices to the campus and undertake the training. Large number of major institutions both in Govt. and private sector have utilized our training. Some of the well-known institutions are CET, GEC Barton Hill, GEC Idukki, GEC Kannur, GEC Idukki, TKMCE Kollam, MACE Kothamangalam, RIT Kottayam, NSS CE Palakkad, FISAT Angamaliand CE Munnar.

  Project Guidance and Lab Practice

Guidance is provided to B Tech, M Tech and PhD students who do their academic projects and theses. This supplements the guidance given by the faculty members of their institution. The guidance includes providing the hardware in low price, PCB fabrication, optimization of the circuits, simulation, cabinet building etc. We ethically discourage the students from seeking for readymade projects. Help students to procure hardware materials for their mini and major academic projects. Students are given opportunity to do lab practice in PACE LABTM. Students who completed the course but yet to pass laboratory examinations, college going students who lost laboratory periods in the course are benefited from this facility. Those who want to do hobby circuits and test their circuits, students who would like to experiment variety of circuits or combination of circuits in the curriculum can also avail this facility. Lab courses include Solid State Devices Lab, Basic Electronics Lab, Electronics Design and Simulation Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Communication Engineering Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Microcontroller Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab etc. Lab practice, Project guidance, training on comprehensive examination and viva voce, paper presentation in seminar etc. are some of the support provided to the students to excel in their academics. Projects contests are done regularly to encourage creativity of the technical students. The successful students get opportunity to access the facilities of PACE LABTM for their future endeavors in addition to the price money.


We produce customized electronic products and certain activity-based robotic accessories as per the specifications of clients. Products are designed in PACE LABTM with the recent developments in the field. Variety of robots such as quadruped, pedobot, spiderbot etc. are made available for purchase online. The aspirants in this area can procure and assemble to learn variety of bots and their functioning. The manuals and after sale service are also provided. The electronics laboratory experiments are usually done either by wiring on breadboard or using trainer kits. In some cases trainer kits remains failure in making the students understand the activity. PACE LABTM conceives and idea of 'Get Rid of Trainer kits' and device a system, complexity which lies in between the breadboard and trainer kit. We support the technical institutions for setting up of electronic laboratories as per university syllabus, procure equipment and repair and maintain the faulty equipment at low cost.

  Makerspace and FAB LAB

PACE LABTM provides technical incubation facility including makerspace, technical information, equipment etc. Facilities of mini FABLAB and space is provided at low cost for the entrepreneurs for fabricating and building (almost) anything. Shopbot, 3D printer, PCB fabrication etc. are some of the facilities. An enthusiastic entrepreneur will be provided with sufficient space in the institute situate in the heart of metropolitan city, to start their business. They are able to get instant support of our faculty in the technology when in need. They are able enter in contract with PACE LABTM if they wish.

  Robotics Wing

Robotics wing of PACE LABTM associates with many higher secondary schools and colleges to train the students in various fields including Robotics. Training is imparted in association with their robotic club in the campus. School students who are trained by our faculty get an awareness in the field of electronics engineering before joining a technical institution. Special emphasis is given to pedo and self-balancing robots. Robotics aspirants can get the accessories of robots at low cost on-line and assemble it and practice with the help of manuals and video links. They will get our help and guidance further for advanced techniques in the field.