Customized Products

We produce customized electronic products and robotic accessories as per the specifications of clients. Products are designed in PACE LABTM with the recent developments in the field. We entertain requirement of customized products from Industry and academic institutions. The required hardware is made available in minimum time.

Laboratory equipment

The electronics laboratory experiments are usually done either by wiring on breadboard or using trainer kits. In some cases trainer kits remains failure in making the students understand the activity. PACE LABTM conceives and idea of 'Get Rid of Trainer kits' and device a system, complexity which lies in between the breadboard and trainer kit. We support the technical institutions for setting up of electronic laboratories as per university syllabus, procure equipment and repair and maintain the faulty equipment at low cost.

Robotics Products

Variety of robotic kits for products such as quadruped, bipedal, drones, etc., are made available for purchase online. The aspirants in this area can procure and assemble to learn variety of bots and their functioning. The manuals and after sale service are also provided.