Internship Training

Short term and long term internship to the aspirants, both college going and degree students is provided. Interns will get an opportunity to get trained in new areas of related field and exposure to industrial environment. Large number of areas including Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IOT (IIoT), Embedded systems, PCB Design, VLSI, Signal processing, Image processing, Robotics, Power electronics, Electrical Drives, Arduino and PLC. The frequented tools include MATLAB, Eagle PCB, Xilinx ISE, MPLAB, microC, KEIL, AVR, LaTex etc.

Many reputed institutes including Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), Texas Instruments’ University Programme (UniTI), Siemens, VI Microsystems, Silicon labs etc. The certificates are issued by their signatories such that it gives authenticity and usefulness for jobs. Experts from collaborating institutions provide training. Interns are helped to get comfortable residential accommodation.

New Event

VORTEX: Virtual Internship 2020

Pace Lab presents a state-of-the-art online platform to help you get trained and have the work-from-home experience to develop your professional skill to equip you industry-ready.

Topics: IoT, AI/ML, AR, Game Dev., Computer Vision, Ethical Hacking, Google Flutter, Matlab, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, V-Ray, R Prog., Python.

Per course just at Rs. 890/-