PACE LABTM has established strong bond with the technical institutions through campus ambassadors. They have been selected based on their leadership qualities. Campus ambassadors get various privileges.

PACE LABTM provides technical incubation facility including Makerspace, technical information, equipment etc. Facilities of mini FABLAB and space is provided at low cost for the entrepreneurs for fabricating and building (almost) anything. Shopbot, 3D printer, PCB fabrication etc. are some of the facilities. An enthusiastic entrepreneur will be provided with sufficient space in the institute situate in the heart of metropolitan city, to start their business. They are able to get instant support of our faculty in the technology when in need. They are able enter in contract with PACE LABTM if they wish.

‘PACE LABTM Makerspace’ is building a system to combine manufacturing equipment, community, and education for the purposes of enabling community members to design, prototype and create manufactured works that wouldn’t be possible to create with the resources available to individuals working alone.These spaces can take the form of loosely-organized individuals like researchers, training staffs, graduates, students from schools, colleges or universities sharing space and tools. All are united in the purpose of providing access to equipment, community, and education, and all are unique in exactly how they are arranged to fit the purposes of the community they serve.

Trainers and experts will help guide the process and generate the space that works best by researching, brainstorming and clearly articulating their needs, while keeping in mind inevitable changes in the future.

“There are essential elements of educating young people to become innovators: the value of hands-on projects where students have to solve a real world problem and demonstrate mastery; the importance of learning to draw on academic content from multiple disciplines to solve a problem; learning to work in teams”