Project Guidance and Lab Practice

Lab practice, Project guidance, training on comprehensive examination and viva voce, paper presentation in seminar etc. are some of the support provided to the students to excel in their academics.

Project Guidance

Guidance is provided to B Tech, M Tech and PhD students who do their academic projects and theses. This supplements the guidance given by the faculty members of their institution. The guidance includes providing the hardware in low price, PCB fabrication, optimization of the circuits, simulation, cabinet building etc. We ethically discourage the students from seeking for readymade projects. Help students to procure hardware materials for their mini and major academic projects.

Lab Practice

Students are given opportunity to do lab practice in PACE LABTM. Students who completed the course but yet to pass laboratory examinations, college going students who lost laboratory periods in the course are benefited from this facility. Those who want to do hobby circuits and test their circuits, students who would like to experiment variety of circuits or combination of circuits in the curriculum can also avail this facility. Lab courses include Solid State Devices Lab, Basic Electronics Lab, Electronics Design and Simulation Lab, Digital Electronics Lab, Communication Engineering Lab, Microprocessor Lab, Microcontroller Lab, Digital Signal Processing Lab etc.

Project contests

We co-ordinate projects contests to encourage creativity of the technical students. The successful students get opportunity to access the facilities of PACE LABTM for their future endeavors in addition to the price money.